Dyffryn Commemorates Centenary of World War 1

In May pupils from Year 7 & 8 in Lower School planted poppies to mark the centenary of World War I. The pupils and staff spent a lunchtime digging and planting poppies. Pupils from 8T have proved to be expert gardeners and have tended the flower beds daily during the warm days we have recently experienced. The poppies’ presence on the school grounds will hopefully remind the pupils, on a daily basis, of the bravery and sacrifice of the service men and women over the past century.

On 11th July a ‘Poppy Picnic’ was held in Lower School to raise money for the Royal British Legion. As a part of the day, pupils could enter a Junior Bake Off competition and staff and pupils voted all morning for a winner (the winners were Amelia Buckley and Abigail Price). During lunchtime pupils ate their lunch outside on blankets and dined on cones of chips and sausage. Pupils were also able to enter a raffle and guess the number of sweets in a jar. Mr. Henry and Mr. Williams both volunteered to be soaked by pupils and proved to be very good sports on the day. Pupils really enjoyed and raised an amazing £200 in the process.

Dyffryn's Navigator Wins Bronze At The Big Bang Final 2014!

Two very lucky year 7 programmers from ICT club took part in the final of the Big Bang 2014 on Monday 30th June. Since January, pupils have been building a lego robot and programming him to carry out certain tasks. ICT club managed to get through the first round by producing a video and poster of the robot, ‘The Navigator’. Being invited to attend the finals at the Marriott Hotel in Swansea, Nial Evans and Seb Key were able to demonstrate the robot and their programming skills. The boys did very well and were focussed all day.

For the final live task, the boys programmed the robot to take part in a robot football cup participating against local schools. They had to create two programs one for a striker and one for a goalie. Dyffryn’s performance was fantastic and won BRONZE!! The boys were presented with a medal on stage and given medals to take back for the rest of the technoclub back at Dyffryn. With a great day enjoyed by all who attended, the ICT club has already decided they want to enter the competition again next year!! We are extremely proud of everyone in the technoclub who attended every Wednesday lunchtime this year-

The ICT and Computing department would like to thank in particular Nial Evans, Seb Key, Elly Thomas, Charlotte Jones, James Mosses, Thomas Lee and Kyle Mabley for their hard work and dedication.

Dyffryn Wins at Teen Tech

Nine Year 8 Dyffryn pupils had the opportunity to visit Teen Tech at Swansea Liberty Stadium and take part in numerous Science, ICT, Technology and Maths challenges. Pupils were so good at the challenges that they won a Raspberry Pi setup, a Sony Xperia tablet and 5 won a £10 Maplin gift card each. The pupils who attended were Megan Gange 8X, Emily Thomas 8M, Iestyn Stevens 8I, Catrin Needs 8R, Daniel Thomas 8X, Abi Price 8M, Jasmyn Watkins 8R, Rhys Thomas 8T and Corey Taylor 8I. Here are some of the pupils testimonies' of the day of some of the challenges they had to do:


Mad Scientist Drawing
When we got to the Liberty Stadium we got handed a sheet of paper and the instructions said to draw what we think was a scientist and we had to annotate it and say what he’s doing. Everyone’s looked like a proper scientist and was really good while mine had a giant afro!!

By Megan Gange 8X

App Designing
When we went to the Liberty Stadium for a Teen Tech workshop we had to design an app. We had to work as a school to design the logo and what the app does. We decided on TG standing for talking games. With our game you could talk to someone whilst playing games with them. There were a range of games we wanted to include. We had to present our game to the rest of the schools in the workshop. We won the best pitch out of everyone there.

By Jasmyn Watkins 8R

Maplin Challenge
We worked together to complete a circuit Maplin had made, it was supposed to be completed in 4-5 minutes. Swansea University Physic students done it in 2 minutes, Dyffryn completed the circuit in 28 seconds which is record time. We won a Raspberry Pi and a £10 Maplin gift card and I felt amazed how well we worked in a group to complete it.       

By Iestyn Stevens 8I

Sony Challenge
We worked with Sony and we did a news cast.  There was three people on camera two news reporters and one weather person. There were people in charge of the cameras too. We practised it a few times and then we did it for real but we didn’t know that is was a competition until the final part of the day.  We found out that we won a Sony tablet for the school when we found out we were all ecstatic!

By Corey Taylor 8I




Congratulations Year 8 Rugby

Congratulations to the Year 8 Boys Rugby team who have won the Ospreys Rugby 7's Regional Tournament. Well done boys!





Dyffryn Needs You!

The History Department are putting together a series of events to commemorate WW1. We would really like pupils in school to get involved and also family members. If you have any information about members of your family who were involved in World War I please let the History Department know. We would also be very grateful for any other information such as letters, correspondence, war memorabilia, diaries or pictures that you have, which could be loaned to the department. We really want this to be a community project, please help us and get involved.

Year 8 Win International Rugby Tournament

During the Easter Holidays, a group of Year 8 boys won the under 13's Eurodisney International Rugby Cup in Paris. A special mention to the captain of the team, Rhys Thomas, and player of the tournament, Jae Key.



Click below to watch a highlight video courtesy of Mr Henry:


ESDGC Champions

We are the new ESDGC representatives, we are in year 9 and we will be ESDGC representatives until year 11.  It is our responsibility to run the new ESDGC club (on Thursday lunchtimes in Geography Room 1), learn about the themes of ESDGC and to represent the pupils of Dyffryn.  On October 10th we went to Margam Discovery Center to take part in an ESDGC workshop to become the ESDGC Champions.

ESDGC stands for Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship and it is about saving the environment and being a good citizen around the world. In the morning, we discussed the main themes of ESDGC, compared countries around the world, attempted to pass the UK Citizenship test and took part in several challenges.

We also did an ice-breaker challenge to get to know other people who we hadn’t met before. In the afternoon we re-used an old t-shirt and a tin can to create many things such as fabric jewellery and decorative tin can plant pots. We met lots of new friends from other schools from Neath Port Talbot and will be going again in January 2014. For more information about ESDGC, speak to Miss Weeks or you can join us on a Thursday lunchtime in GR1.

By Lauren George, April Phillips, Chloe Guppy and India Needs.

School Uniform Change

The governing body at the request of pupil voice have made some alterations to the official school uniform. Pupils have been involved in discussion and it has been decided that from September 2014 a school blazer will be available for all pupils. There will be a phased introduction where the blazer will be compulsory for all new entrants into year 7. Current pupils may choose to purchase a blazer if they wish to do so.

If you wish to purchase a blazer for your son or daughter to wear from September 2014 orders have to be placed and paid for by 26th March 2014. Sample blazers are available at the Upper School for pupils to try on and Mrs Griffiths will be available until 6 p.m. on 24th to 25th March to give parents a further opportunity to order the blazer. It is advisable that pupils try on the blazer prior to placing an order due to the wide range of sizes. Prices and sizes are attached.

World kidney day

Pupils at Dyffryn Upper had the opportunity to speak to staff and patients on World Kidney Day Thursday March 13th. Year 11 had a special assembly with a guest "speaker" (the Stig). During Science lessons pupils spoke to clinicians and patients from Morriston hospital. Pupils had a talk on the importance of a balanced diet from a dietician at Morriston hospital. Pupils also spoke to patients and a pharmacist on the advantages and disadvantages of kidney transplantation. Groes primary school also attended the day. The day supported the Triple Science programme of study.


Cym on bois Cymru yn erbyn Ffrainc!


First Minister Visits Dyffryn

The First Minister, Carwyn Jones, along with the Education Minister, Huw Lewis, visited Dyffryn to announce a £20 million package to help 40 of Wales' underperforming secondary schools.

A press release from the Welsh Government read as follows: “The First Minister and Education Minister will launch the Challenge at Dyffryn School in Neath Port Talbot, a school from a deprived area in Wales which is punching above its weight, performing well above the national average on Free School Meal achievement. Dyffryn have also been involved in school to school support through the Lead and Emerging Practitioner programme.”  

The Education Minister also added: "We need more of our schools to be like Dyffryn School. They don’t let the fact they are in a challenging area hold them back from setting high standards, performing well and giving their pupils a bright future.”

Both ministers met senior prefects from Year 11 before meeting pupils from Year 9 during a Chemistry lesson. BBC, ITV and S4C were all in attendance, so be sure to watch the news tonight!

Scroll down for images and news reports from the visit:

Click on an image to enlarge it.


Real Radio News Report

ITV News Report

BBC News Report

Welsh Govenment Report Report

Evening Post Picture


Dyffryn visits Technocamps!

Dyffryn’s year 10 Computing class had the opportunity this term to attend a Technocamp Python workshop held at Swansea University. As we arrived we were told what the day would entail. Technocamp explained some basic programming terms to us and then showed us how to use the Python programming language. We then started designing our games and later on started making them. I feel that we learnt a lot from the trip and it will definitely help us in our computing class especially with our coursework.

Written by Rory Richards 10M

Annual Awards Evening

The annual awards ceremony was held in the upper school to celebrate the successes of Year 11 2013 who left us last summer. The event was attended by Her Worship the Mayor Cllr. M. Lewis, along with Aled Evans, Director of Education at Neath Port Talbot Council. The special guest and main speaker was Diane Botcher , of many well know comedies including Stella and High Hopes. The former pupils were presented with their GCSE Certificates along with numerous special awards that recognise their outstanding achievements through their time at school. Click on the images below to see all of our award winners:

We also send our congratulations to the following pupils who were unable to attend the evening:

  • Anna Melbourne - Assistant Headteacher Award
  • Joshua Quinn - Welsh Student of the Year
  • Samuel O Jones - Paul Francis Award for Music
  • Kieran Ball - Pupil Inspiration Award

Dyffryn Makes the News

Twenty five year nine pupils were invited to visit Techniquest in Cardiff Bay for the launch of the Numeracy Employer Engagment Program. The pupils really enjoyed and the day resulted in the pupils representing the school on BBC Wales Today.

GCSE Results

98% of Pupils gain 5 A*- G

This is an outstanding performance and we congratulate the pupils and staff for the hard work. We wish all pupils the best in future studies and work.


The Big Bang Final

Three very lucky year 7 pupils from ICT club took part in the final of the Big Band 2013 on Wednesday 3rd July. Since February, pupils have been building a lego robot and programming him to carry out certain tasks. ICT club managed to get through the first round by producing a video and poster of our robot, ‘The Dyffrynator’. Being invited to attend the finals at Glamorgan University, James Holley, Daniel Tinsley and Daniel Thomas were able to demonstrate the robot and their programming skills. The boys did very well and were focussed all day. For the final live task, the boys programmed the robot to dance to the Gangnam Style music song. Although 'The Dyffrynator' didn’t win, the boys received a medal for their effort and programming skills. With a great day enjoyed by all who attended, the ICT club has already decided they want to enter the competition again next year!



Dyffryn is WRU Accredited School of Rugby

On Wednesday 19th June Dyffryn school was given a prestigious award from the Welsh Rugby Union.  It was in acknowledgement for the rugby development work that has taken place for the past several decades and also for the potential work that the school will undertake.  There are approximately 22 schools in the whole of Wales to be named as an ‘accredited rugby school' and as such the school is very proud. 

The award was given at a beach rugby festival at Abervon beach.  Our year 11 pupils were on hand to help run and referee the event and were a credit to school in how they approached their work.  Also, Tom Smith, a past pupil and current Ospreys player, was in attendance and he was part of the presentation along with WRU representatives.  This is a big achievement and was a proud day for the school.

More information and a video can be found at

Mathematics - Margam Park Transition Day

Approximately 160 Year six pupils from the seven Feeder Primary Schools took part in a Mathematics Activity Day at Margam Park on Friday the 21st June. They experienced practical outdoor numeracy activities. The day included pupils completing a total of 12 activities. Tasks included: estimating heights of trees and Margam Castle; studying tessellating patterns; measuring different capacities; finding average speeds; angle and symmetry hunts; and finding shapes around the park.

It was a fantastic day for all. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the activities and wished that they could visit the Park and take part in the day again!


Year 5 Transition Day

We had a great time meeting the Y5's during our transition days! Here's one of our egg-citing egg-periments! What is happening?!

The hot water heats the molecules of air in the bottle and causes the molecules to move far away from each other. Some of the heated molecules actually escape out past the egg that is resting on the mouth of the bottle (that’s why the egg wiggles on top of the bottle). When the molecules of air in the bottle cool down and move closer together. This is what scientists refer to as a partial vacuum. Normally the air outside the bottle would come rushing in to fill the bottle. However, that egg is in the way! The “push” or pressure of the air molecules outside the bottle is so great that it literally pushes the egg into the bottle.



ICT trip to the LIberty Stadium

On May 9th we were lucky enough to be selected for the ICT trip to the Liberty Stadium. Miss Gronow was only able to take 10 year 8 pupils, they were; Ewan Austin, Chloe Guppy, Rhys Heycock, Cassie Johns, Niamh Jenkins, Emily O’Brien, Jareth Osborne, April Phillips, Ellis Southall and Lydia Stephens. The day was focussed around ICT, Science, and Technology and there were many businesses and industry experts present.

The day was run by TeenTech, part of Technocamps. When we arrived at the Liberty Stadium there were many stalls to visit but three in particular stood out. The first was about the steelworks, this was interesting as we learnt about what exactly goes on inside! Secondly, we saw a moving robot that talked and danced through voice activation. Our particular favourite was 3D printing, where we saw a man printing a full size human shoe! The final task was to create an app in groups – this was interesting and saw team Dyffryn create a holiday app. We had a fantastic day learning about the latest technologies – Thank you Technocamps!

Written by Rhys Heycock

Annual Report to Parents

Please see below the annual report to parents:

Dyffryn Chickens Hatching

The first chick hatched at around 4:30am Wednesday Moring.

New Senior Prefect Team

Pictured opposite are Dyffryn's new Senior Prefect Team. Currently in Year 10, the new prefect team have already started the roles and duties that they will hold for the rest of their time at Dyffryn. Headteacher Martin Grimes said "I am delighted to present the successful candidates for Senior Prefect selection". Chosen by staff and their peers, the team said that they are "happy and privileged to be honoured like this" and have started organising their roles as soon as they were assigned.


Year 10 Rugby Boys Win Again!

NPT Rugby Plate: A big well done and congratulations to the year 10 rugby team who overcame a strong and committed Dwr-Y-Felin team by a score of 21 points to 8. The boys played with great commitment with the forwards giving an excellent platform for the backs to run in the tries. It was an excellent team effort and is an indication of the potential within the team.

This is yet another trophy in Dyffryn's ever-expanding collection. A selection of our honours from the past two years can be found by clicking on this link or the picture above.


Peace and Goodwill Message

Our Year 8 pupils have recorded a video for the Urdd Peace and Goodwill Message:


Headteacher: Mr. Martin Grimes

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