November 2014

Awards Evening 2014

The annual Awards Evening was held in the upper school to celebrate the successes of Year 11, Class of 2014, who left us last summer. The special guest and main speaker was Alistair Rogers, Performance Analyst for the New Zealand All Blacks and World Cup Winner, who is also a former pupil of Dyffryn. The Class of 2014 were presented with their GCSE Certificates along with numerous special awards that recognise their outstanding achievements through their time at school. It was a night enjoyed by all!

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Dyffryn Win Ospreys East Schools Under 16's Cup

Our Year 11 boys rugby team put in a fantastic performance to beat Llangatwg 15-12 on the 25th November at the Brewery Field in Bridgend. It was a great team effort and with tries scored by Rhys Henry and Jordan Walters, Dyffryn have now proceeded into the Ospreys Schools final which will be held at the Gnoll next month. Well done to everyone involved.

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Dyffryn Stars in Shakespeare Schools Production

On Friday 14th November, Dyffryn’s Drama pupils participated in the Shakespeare Schools Macbeth Production at Gwyn Hall. Kian Cotton, 10I, said: “It was an amazing experience that helped us with our confidence. We also made lots of new friends. The performance went perfectly on the night in front of the live audience. It was very different to performing the in Drama studio however, without the 6 weeks preparation we did together it would never have been quite so good. I feel like our class is now much closer together and able to work much better as we are too afraid to act in front of each other after the creation of the play. Miss. Michael choreographed the piece to perfection a feat worthy of recognition. As our director, Miss. Michael didn’t stop until it was perfect but it was all worth it in the end.”

Lydia Martin, 10M, added: “In the show Macbeth I played the character Malcolm. During the show I experienced working in the theatre with an amazing, hardworking cast. I thoroughly enjoyed performing in front of a live audience and making new friends. While making the show we all took part in putting it together week by week until we started to rehearse on the Gwyn Hall stage after 6 weeks. I would love to do it again. “

Dylan Morgan, 10I, said: “On Friday 7th November 2014, I took part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival at the Gwyn Hall Theatre in Neath. What an experience! After 8 weeks of fun busy rehearsals to one extreme show night, it all paid off as a performance of Macbeth went perfectly on the night. I’m used to performing in Musical Theatre and Pantomime, so I was happy that we tried something new in using the Shakespearean language in front of a live audience. I’ve had great fun and it’s a pleasure to work with all the other pupils. I’d definitely do it again, if we had the chance. Thank you Miss. Michael.”

Katie Rowland, 10R, finished by saying: “The experience was amazing during the Shakespeare Festival. We, as a Drama group performed brilliantly. I learned many skills while performing in a theatre and I learned how to act and perform more as a witch and to make the audience believe in my character. We made friends during this experience and overall I would say the whole Drama group has had a good experience and we have definitely learned new skills.”

Members of the audience said they thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Congratulations to Miss Michael and her Year 10 class!

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Canteen Food Hygiene Rating

We are pleased to announce that for a second year in a row, the Dyffryn Upper School Canteen has achieved a food Hygiene Rating of 5 (Very Good), after a recent inspection.

Engineering Day at Swansea University

On 4th November, 14 Year 9 pupils visited Swansea University to take part in an Engineering Challenge. When we arrived we were given a lecture about Civil Engineering. We had to build two towers to hold a bridge and 1kg of salt. We had to use the materials given which were two polystyrene boards, lolly pop sticks, wooden skewers, straws, loom bands and pipe cleaners.

The teams from Dyffryn came joint 3rd, 4th and 5th. We found building difficult as we had limited resources, but overall it was enjoyable. It made us work and communicate as a team. Afterwards we had a tour of the Engineering Department. We saw a 3D printer, a wind tunnel and a distillation unit. Our favourite part was building the bridges.

By Mussa Mohammed, Rhys Thomas, Ethan Thomas, Jacob Tully and Molly Hodges.

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Swansea University STAR Day

A group of Year 11 pupils visited Swansea University to learn numerous revision techniques to help us improve our examination performance. One of the techniques we learnt was the Pomodoro Technique which uses a timer to break down work into intervals of usually 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. It was a really good experience and we all benefited from it. Everyone had a chance to discuss and share their ideas and we all worked really well together.

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