May 2015

Year 9 Boys 5-A-Side Win NPT Tournament

Congratulations to Aaron Griffiths, Ben Margetson, Daniel Howells, Jack Garrett and Patrick Finneral after they won the Neath Port Talbot 5-A-Side tournament organised by Port Talbot Football Club. The boys put in an excellent performance, winning all 6 games they played. Well Done!

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Ford-Control 2K Saturday Club 2015/2016

Pupils who are interested in a career in engineering may like to know that Ford are running a Saturday club at the Waterton Technology Centre, where successful candidates can learn more about Electrical, Mechanical and Control Systems Engineering. For more information, please click below:

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School Based Referendum

This year is a general election year – when a new Government is voted in. There has been much talk in the press about whether 16 year olds should be allowed to vote (especially after they were in the Scottish Referendum).

Pupils who had applied to be senior prefects in year 10 became the campaign teams. They spent time over a 10 day period trying to convince the upper school to either vote yes and allow the vote at 16 or no.

Monday 20th April – launch of the referendum in assembly – both sides gave speeches.
Monday 27th April – a debate took place between both parties.
Monday 27th April – last week of voting and more speeches in assembly.
Thursday 30th April – Voting day.
Friday 1st May – the referendum result was announced.

Thea Richards, who was part of the yes campaign said:” In the YES campaign we have been working as team to complete as many activities as possible to promote our side. We have made posters and pamphlets to give out to pupils also speaking to them about why they should vote YES, which we think has made a big difference. Also we gave lots of good points throughout our debate to argue our side and most people in the audience agreed with this. All the information we found out was very independent and we worked as a team to combine our information to get the best possible debate as this was the biggest aim of the project. We also used bilingualism while planning as we requested the phrase of the week to be changed to ‘Vote YES or No.’ When my teacher checked this mid-day poll the YES team was ahead with 66% of the votes so we just hope this maintains throughout the day.“

Ethan Tilley, who was part of the no campaign, added:” Through the two weeks I was a part of the no campaign. We had to come up with ideas that would interest the rest of the year groups into voting for our campaign. We’d make sure that our way of campaigning would be different from the yes campaign. In the build up to the debate, we would prepare our speech to get our points across to the school, add posters to the school walls and interest the school into voting for us, we had so much fun in preparing for the actual debate. At the start of the first week each team had to make a speech in assembly. At the start of the second week we took part in a debate with the other team. The actual debate was very nerve racking as we had to go up against a very argumentative team but I feel like that the people who were watching were very interested in our views. We hope that our views will help the school in to deciding that 16 year olds shouldn’t be able to vote.”

The results of the referendum were as follows:

Yes: 59%
No: 41%

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Dyffryn Clean Sweeps Aberavon Rugby 7’s Tournament

Dyffryn won the Year 7, 8 and 9 Rugby 7’s tournament which took place at the Aberavon RFC. It was an outstanding display by the boys, who can be extremely proud of their efforts, after each year group won all 5 of their games. Congratulations boys!

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Dyffryn Takes Athletics Silverware Home

Pupils travelled to the Swansea University running track to participate in the ANT Schools Athletics tournament. Tom Hanson broke Allan Martin’s 1964 shot put record at 14m 53cm as well as winning his 100m race. Jordan Walters become the ANT Schools Hammer Champion with a throw of 25M 57cm. There were other success as well as pupils claimed a host of 2nd and 3rd placed finishes. Well done to everybody involved!

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