February 2015

World War 1 Football Truce

Lee Trundle visited Dyffryn to present certificates to our Football Truce Team winners. To commemorate the centenary of the first world war football truce, our History department organised a 5-A-Side football tournament. Well done to everybody who participated!

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E-Safety Day

All year 9 pupils have been working on an E-safety unit this term planning, researching and writing a report based on whether children should be allowed to use the internet. From these reports pupils have been able to form a balanced argument and all pupils came up with some very good ideas for protecting children on the internet.

To raise awareness of internet safety day, Tuesday 10th February, Year 9 pupils took part in a competition. Every pupil had the opportunity to create a poster to support and promote internet safety day. All posters were submitted and the very thorough judge, Mr Evanson chose 3 winners. Congratulations to our winners Rosie Jones, Neve Cronin and Bethan Rogers, who created very interesting and well thought out posters.

The winning poster is currently being shown within school and here on the Dyffryn website. Well Done to all Year 9 who took part!

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Lab in a Lorry Visits Dyffryn

Year 9 pupils had the opportunity to visit the Institute of Physics Lab in a Lorry on Thursday  5th and Friday 6th of February. The pupils had hands on experience of 3 experiments:

Experiment 1: Resonating wine glass: Pupils had the opportunity to investigate the possibility of an opera singer smashing a glass using vibrations of sound.

Experiment 2: Optoelectronics in medicine: Pupils compared endoscopes, investigating the use of optoelectronics, before saving a patient from choking!

Experiment 3: Light Scattering: Pupils learnt how to create blue skies and red sunsets by mimicking the particles in our atmosphere.

The pupils were enthusiastic science investigators and really enjoyed the event.

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