ESDGC at Dyffryn School

ESDGC stands for Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship. At Dyffryn School we pride ourselves on the opportunities we give our pupils to learn more about Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship.

Sustainable development is all about understanding how we can live in a way that has a minimal impact on the environment. It is about meeting the needs of both present and future generations.

Global Citizenship is about being a responsible member of the local and global community. A good global citizen understands that everything we do in our community has a consequence. They understand and respect differences within our local and global community.

ESDGC is not a single subject, it is weaved into subjects across the curriculum; for example in Geography we may study Global Warming, In Science we may look at Bio-diversity, In Religious Studies we may look at different faiths, in Maths we might calculate food miles or Carbon emissions and in Drama we might create a performance piece on issues such as stereotypes or bullying.

There are also extra-curricular opportunities in the school where pupils can develop their understanding of ESDGC, for example:

  • Eco-Schools.
  • Student Council.
  • Interact.
  • Sporting activities.
  • Prefect responsibilities.
  • School trips – at home and abroad

There are many whole day events linked to ESDGC such as Diversity Day, Ecology Day, Native American Day and Sustainable Development Day.

We welcome any suggestions and ideas from the local community. Please contact Miss Weeks at the school if you have anything you think you can contribute.



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