Welcome to the offical website of Dyffryn School, Port Talbot.

At Dyffryn we value all children as unique individuals, each with special talents and abilities.

We aim to increase self-confidence and self-esteem through a curriculum which is broad, balanced, coherent, differentiated and relevant. The education we provide will develop children's knowledge and skills and their moral values.

The school's curriculum is made up of the many lessons that pupils experience during the week as well as various extra-curricular opportunities, visits and exchanges that enhance and extend their studies. The curriculum is kept under constant review to ensure that it meets the needs of all our pupils. Pupils will experience whole class teaching and have the opportunity to work in groups, pairs and on their own in a variety of practical, oral and paper based activities. The methods used are constantly reviewed and refined by our experienced and highly skilled teaching staff. Recent inspection reports have been highly complimentary.

In Years 7 to 9 all pupils have the opportunity of following a common curriculum. For pupils in Years 10 and 11 the school has a core of subjects studied by all pupils. This provides for the requirements of the National Curriculum and allows choice and flexibility within the option system. The choice provided by the school exceeds the national requirement for 14 to 19 year olds and is praised by ESTYN.

The school has maintained an excellent choice of traditional academic subjects including three modern foreign languages, French, German and Spanish and separate courses in all three sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The school also provides newer more vocational options such as Engineering, Catering and Health and Social Care.

All pupils take part in a period of work experience in Year 10 and the Duke of Edinburgh Award is available to all pupils in Years 9 to 11. Pupils are made aware of their social and physical environment, with emphasis being placed upon their roles and responsibilities in maintaining and improving the world in which they live and work. We believe that children need to realise that with increased freedom comes increased responsibilities.

Martin Grimes


Headteacher: Mr. Martin Grimes

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